We know your language

The Bridge Language Center is the global leader in language and communication studies, with years of experience in providing language and cultural programs for students, and corporate trainings for businesses from around the world.

Our Language Programs are divided into two disciplines: Comprehension (Reading/Listening) and Expression (Writing/Speaking). The Bridge Method of teaching involves integrating all language skills. Our method uses all the personal resources and sense perceptions of an individual. We teach the whole body to learn and produce the language. Instead of just plain lectures, our students experience the language. There are three levels of study in each discipline, including Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced level.

Our general goal is to help those who are interested in acquiring a new language, or in improving overall language proficiency. Our language school’s classes in Manila includes lab hours and language field trips. Students can also attend grammar seminars, work in the computer lab and attend conversation group sessions. We offer a unique total immersion package for all your language needs. The Bridge offers an intimate school atmosphere where you’ll always feel like a part of the family. Our language classes are fun and effective, and our staff always goes the extra mile in giving you personalized attention and service. We know you are going to love your experience in the Philippines and we look forward to meeting you!